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Boarding Hunting Knife

This is a full tang knife but at its size I am calling it a Boarding-Hunting knife is is the size of a broken sword knife. The blade is 12" long and it is 17" 1/2 overall. Double threaded, there is a nut behind the end cap and the cap itself has a nut holding it on. This knife is sharpened and ready for use. I am working on getting the sheath done for it in the color of black

Item # BHK




Damascus Steel Hunter - Zombie Hunter

Thinking outside of the box I recently came up with this new pattern knife and it certainly has a bit of a wow factor to it. 286 layers of 15 N 20 over 1095 steel all hand forged right here in our workshop. this knife has a sharpened edge and is made for work. When it came to mounting scales I looked at several different materials and found this set of acrylic poly Emerald Pearl scales to compliment the Damascus pattern nicely. These scales will not shrink or change in any way. this knife is a heirloom piece that can be passed on for generations and will hold a very shape edge. this fine knife has a 7" blade and is 12" overall and comes with a right hand draw black back sheath, worn on the center of your back

Item # DAMZH




Damascus Fighter Knife

Hand forged right here in our workshop of 15 N 20 and 1095 this is one very fine Damascus blade. The knife overall is 12" 1/2 with a 8" blade and comes fitted with Kirinite Arctic Blue Scales. This is some of the most durable material on the market that will not shrink or lose shape in any way over time. Comes complete with right handed sheath in black with snap lock down on the handle





Antler Carved Skull Dagger

This is a last time offering of this style of dagger with carved skulls. I decided years back that I was going to give up carving work that is detailed like this before my eyes start to fail me. I have made dagger similar to this in the past but never one with a guard type such as this one. The blade on this very fine detailed dagger is 6" and has an overall length of 11", forged right here in our workshop. It comes complete with sheath and snap fitting to be sure not to lose it. A one of a kind beautiful piece of work.

Item # ACSD



Shell Guard Cutlass

Battle Ready

One of my latest works in the workshop is this Shell Guard Cutlass with Ebony handle. The blade on this cutlass is a bit longer than I usually create being 29" long and an overall length of 35". The handle is double threaded with a nut up against the handle and the threaded pommel. This sword will come complete with scabbard yet to be finished. 



Dragons Breath Rapier

This is a new pattern sword we are taking custom orders for. We hand cast this guard ourselves and you will not see this as a battle ready weapon from any other maker. This is one fine ornamental sword that is also made for battle. The blade on this fine Rapier is 30" and it has a overall length of 36" The guard with knucklebow is cast of brass with a brass core handle covered with leather and wire wrap. The tang is double threaded for extra strength. We can use your choice of leather color in Black, Red, navy Blue or Forest Green. We can also make the blade longer at an additional cost. Sword does come complete with scabbard

Item # DBR




The Vikings Seax

Here we have a modern interurpritation of a Viking or Pirate Seax. The handle on this Seax is genuine Elk leg bone fitted with a steel guard shaped to match the contours of the leg bone. The unsharpened blade is 15" 1/4 long and is 23" overall. A rare and unique piece complete with scabbard

Item # TVS



Damascus Steel Hip Knife

Freshly finished is this heirloom quality Damascus steel hip knife. Sharpened to a keen edge and ready to work. This knife has 186 layers of steel with a 8" 3/4 blade and is 14" long overall with file work on the spine of the knife. Complete with brown sheath that will fit up to a 3" belt.



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Matched set Rapier and Dagger

Battle Ready

This matched set of Rapier and Dagger can be broken up and sold into separate pices as listed below. Both are Battle ready and comple complete with black scabbard with brass tips and throats. The Rapier has a spring steel blade fit for battle and is double threaded at the tang with a nut under the pommel as well as the threaded pommel. Be sure to check out the last picture showing the flex of the blade with around 35 pounds pressure applied to it. The blade length on the Rapier is 30" and it is 36" 1/2 overall. Point of balance is about 1" forward of the guard.

The dagger is also made of high quality carbon steel and also made for battle. Both Rapier and matching dagger have a brass hilt, handle as well as pommel. Each handle is wrapped with braided wire for an extra strong grip. The dagger blade measures 13" 1/2 and is 19" 1/2 overall.

Matched set price 


Rapier only 695.00

Dagger only 


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New Throwing Spikes - Hair Sticks

As requested by a great friend and brother in throwing weapons are these throwing spikes that can also double for woman hair sticks. These we have made to be balanced for throwing in a mini package that are extremely light weight but yet made out of carbon steel to last. These spikes average around 8" long, 1/8 of an inch wide and are approximately .07 grams each. Either a fun throwing tool or a self defense weapon. We will be selling these in singles, doubles and triples. Each one is hand made and hand filed to balance point.

Item # TSHS

Each 49.00

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Left Handed Parrying Dagger

This fine dagger is a one of a kind made with a forward sweeping original Wilkinson guard. The blade on this dagger is 14" 3/4 long and it is 20" overall. I have yet to make a scabbard for it so if you would like to have it just let us know if you would like it in black or brown. 

Item # LHPD


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Versatile Shell Guard Cutlass

Battle Ready

This is the most versatile Sword we have made to date where you can decide what position the shell will set. The shell can be switched from forward sweeping to backwards sweeping. You can change it out anytime you desire to give the sword a different look. This is a battle ready, unsharpened blade. We can sharpen it for an additional charge as always. The sword blade is 24" 3/4 with an overall length of 30" 1/2 and weighs in at 2 pounds 8 oz. Comes complete with black scabbard

Item # VSGC


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Jack Horne Throwing- Smoking Tomahawk

Just as we made it for the new Magnificent Seven movie that came out in the Fall of 2006 this is the model tomahawk that Vincent D' Onifrio used in the movie playing Jack Horne, trapper, mountainman. tracker. There is an additional 12 step process to get through drilling out one of these tomahawks and to still have them as a throwing model that we do warrantee for throwing an use. This is a tomahawk you can not only smoke from but use for chopping and throwing. Any copies of this hawk that may pop up are not authorized or approved by us and will fall under copywrite infringment.

Item # JHTT


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Special project Pack Axe

This fine little axe will serve you well on your next outting and is great for small chores around a camp or home. From front to the rear of the head it measures 4" and has a 2" 3/4 blade edge with an overall length of 10" Fitted with Curly Maple handle scales it is a pretty as it is a useful tool.

Item # CA



Gunners Stiletto

As seen in The Encyclopedia of European historical Weapons by Hamlyn page 118 is the Italian Gunners Stiletto circa mid to late 16th - mid 17th century. This was a gunners tool and weapon. Historians have not pinpointed the date of this tool - weapon though there is historical reference without mention of the location of the original. These types of gunners Stilletto's were made with both trianglar as well as square shaped blades, sharpened at the tip. This model is the square blade shape. Artillerymen used this specialized dagger for measuring the bore of a gun and size of shot. Typical models such as ours came with caliber measurements from 0 to 120. This model has a blade length of 16" 1/8 and an overall length of 21" 1/2

Item # GS


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Economy Jack Sparrow Sword

(Stage Combat but we can upgrade any model to Battle Ready)

Well mates many of you have asked me to produce a Jack Sparrow sword thats ready for battle and here we have our first. This economy model Sparrow Sword comes with a non fullered blade and we can and will also make them with a fullered blade at an extra cost of 100.00 that will also be battle ready. Just testing the waters with this first one to see how ye mates like it. It more closely resembles the actual sword carried by Johnny Depp than any of the replicas we have seen out there that are not made for battle. This sword will come with a scabbard thats well under way to being finished. The sword blade is just over 24" and has an overall length of 30", the whole sword weighs in at 1 pound 12 oz. A sword does not have to be heavy to be stage combat mates, it just has to be forged properly.

Item # EJSS


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Heart Guard Cutlass

(Stage Combat but we can upgrade any model to Battle Ready)

Here we have one fine blade recently finished and ready to ship. This is a full tanged sword that is double threaded at the back of the handle as well as at the tang. Blade is unsharpened. The heart shaped guard is known to be quite popular in our history and with the combo of the wire wrapped handle and ball pommel this makes for a very elegent sword. The blade is 24" and has an overall length of just over 30". It weighs in at just 2 pounds 11oz so its one of the lighter cutlass we produce and is easy on the shoulder fitted in a baldric, complete with scabbard

Item # HGC


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Damascus Dagger

Now this is one fine left or right handed dagger and the only I have made just like this. the blade is a damascus tear drop pattern, 8" 3/4 long with an overall length of 14" 1/4. The guard, grip and pommel are brass, complete with belt sheath for a 2" belt.

Item # DD



Barbossa's Son

Here we managed to get one of the Barbossa guards in brass and let me tell you this is one very fine sword! This was a Wilkenson guard in the day and I believe it was made for the French Navy. The blade on this fine sword is battle ready and double threaded at the tang, wrapped with Navy Blue leather and twist wire wrapped. The length of the blade is 21"3/4 and it is 28" overall  and it does complete with a scabbard, all eyes will turn when you walk by with this fine blade

Item # BSS


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Liars Dice and Hand Sewn Leather Cup

Just in time for the holidays for all of our Pirate mates and Lasses we now have Liars Dice and cups. Liars dice are shown but each set of single cup in your choice of color, black or brown and also comes with a set of regular dice also. 10 dice total included per cup. Each cup is approximately 4"1/2 tall and 3" across at the top and base and completely hand sewn 7 to 9oz cowhide leather

Item # LDBlack or LDBrown

39.95 each

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 Small Blade Patch Knives

These blades are mounted in antler handles and fitting for a patch knife or neck knife. All will have a 2" or longer blade. No sheath included 

39.00 Each

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Coyote Bone Leg Knives 

These knives come with about a 3" blade and vary from 6" to 7"overall. Hand forged blade stamped with our torch mark mounted in genuine Coyote leg bone

59.00 Each

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Under special request we are now making Railroad Spike knives,made to take a beating these knives will last forever. Twisted handle gives you an excellent grip

69.00 EACH

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