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Etching Service

If your looking for something added to you weaponry like etching work please keep this in mind.

The etching service we provide is not like something you would get from Things Remembered, it will not be perfect. We do not machine out our weaponry, it is all hand made having slightly uneven surfaces on occasion.

Etching became popular during the 16th century and was done by coating the steel in wax and drawing the desing into the wax cutting through to the steel, then in the case of weaponry the blade was emersed in acid to cut the designs into the steel.

Etching was primitive in our early history as the service we provide. Designs may be uneven depending upon the size of the design intended. Larger designs with thicker, bolder print or design always etch better than small and thinner designs and print. 

Etching prices start at 80.00 for print of name or initials

The image below is of one of our Rogers Rangers Throwing Tomahawks with the Army Rangers logo. Note the size of print that etches more clearly and evenly. Smaller print or design will not be as crisp of lines.



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