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Pirates Templar

This is a page dedicated to the members of the Pirates Templar.

A group that lives by a code of Honesty, Integrity, Unity and Charity. Below is a write up of our Code to live by and if you would like to have more information or would like to join us in membership we would be happy for you to join our folds. Just email for more info. Thank you all. 

We the Pirates Templar vow to uphold the written Code of Honor, Integrity, Unity and Charity amongst our mates and communities and to do good for our people. Breaking down our Code is as simple as living in Honor, to not do wrongs that can be judged by others reflecting back on our group as a whole. Each member is to treat each member and the public with integrity Honor and Respect in public forum. We work together as a United front to aid in Charity to others in need. Every Man, Women or Child sworn by book and mirror to be true to this Code and to his and her fellow members and to have a voice and vote in matters of importance. He or she who is not sworn shall not vote. All votes are to be submitted to our Founding members and future officers for consideration. It is of the upmost importance that our members are active in our votes as we rely on a majority vote to fund our causes.

Our Code is as follows.

1) Held Harmless: We as the Pirates Templar shall be Held Harmless for any injury or loss of property or damages caused by any member in the rare event of any such matters that may arise from any single persons bad choices. Any such instance can be judged by our standing Officers and Founding members of the group and can be voted for extraction and removal of our group. It is foremost that our members are to work as a United front and we do not engage in arguments among our membership.

2) Agreement to our Code: Agreeing to this Code set forth in the following and becoming a member of the Pirates Templar is your bond in agreement that you will uphold the laws of this Code in Honor, Integrity, Unity and Charity. Our membership is strictly centered on charity  Any such member that does not abide by set code can and will be voted on for removal by the Founding Members and Officers. 

3) Our Symbol: The Pirates Templar symbol is to be used only by members of the Pirates Templar and is owned by the Founding members not to be duplicated or reproduced in any way shape or form without written permission of the officers. Our logo can be purchased directly from our Founding members as a decal, tee shirt sales, flags in showing your pride in being a member. A portion of the sale of any such logo shall be used to fund our charity drives. By agreeing to our Code our members can use our symbol as their profile picture but are not allowed to reproduce it for sale to the public. Only our Founding members are given the honor of their logo to be printed in the color Blue showing they are the Founding members of this group. All Supporting membership shall have our logo in the color Red.

4) Officers positions: Officer positions can and will open up in the future to members that have shown their pride and dedication to our Code and our group. Any member can apply for an officers position that may come up in the future after they have been with our membership for one full year. Officers will retain final voting rights on matters of the Pirates Templar equally with the Founding Members. Current membership can put matters to a vote among our membership with final say in a vote to our Founding members and Officers. Officers positions are for 2 years with the option to run again for an additional 2 years

5) Supporting Membership: We the Pirates Templar reserve the right to refuse membership to any such person that is known to not follow our Code and in which possible future case that may arise where our Code is not followed to be voted among our Officers and Founders for removal. Each instance will be voted on as per a case by case basis. Membership is open to the public but full membership is only granted to those that pay dues in which members have a voice in decisions made final by our Founding members and officers. Full supporting members that pay yearly dues are full members of the Pirates Templar.

6) Supporting Membership Dues: Membership dues of 35.00 per year per Adult member over the age of 18, 50.00 for family membership to include children under the age of 18. Production of stickers, banners, flags, tee shirts and so on are used to fund our Charity events as well as fund drives to help our less fortunate in times of need. Our membership can put to a vote to our Founding members and Officers of Charity cases we chose to pursue. Dues also are to cover production of such image replication of our logo. Each new Supporting member that pays dues shall receive a single membership sticker and lapel pin for them to display with a copy of our Code showing they are a full supporting member. Additional stickers and pins can be purchased from our Founding members.

7) Matters of Voting: Any Supporting member can put a matter concerning our group to a vote amongst our Founding members and future officers after being a member for 30 days. Full supporting members can message our Founding members on our public Facebook page and request a vote be put forth on matters of concern. Our members are to be active in voting matters to assure funding our causes. 


 Each single or family membership includes one Lapel Pin and one Member sticker. Additional Lapel pins can be purchased for 12.50 each and additional Member stickers can be purchased for 2.00 each. Lapel pins and sticker are sent out after a 30 day probationary period. As a voting member please know that you have rights to see our expenses, our treasury funds as well as have voting rights in all matters pertaining to our membership. Our treasury report is put out to our members once a month on our private members only page.

Thank you for your consideration!

(If you feel that our Code supports your thoughts and would like to be a part of a honorable membership as well as a active voting member please contact or  for an application)

156 Rattlesnake Hill 

Cleveland GA 30528

(706) 969-3027

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