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Coming Soon Kitchen Cutlery!

We are working on a new product line of Kitchen Cutlery that will be coming very soon as a new regular offering to our extensive wares. We will be creating most kitchen knives of carbon steel that will hold an edge like no other kitchen knives you may have now as most kitchen cutlery is made of Stainless steel on the market that is mass produced. Having e strong background in my past in the kitchen being a Chef in my early years I know all too well how the quality of a good carbon steel kitchen knife makes a huge difference in a kitchen to a lasting piece of cutlery.

We will also be offering Stainless steel kitchen knives but in much shorter limited runs




18th Century Kitchen Cutlery Set

Our first set of Kitchen Cutlery had to be a period set keeping in line with our historical wares and patterns and this pattern was a set though we are also working to make a 19th as well as 20th century patterns. Kitchen knives of the 18th century were few and multi purpose knives. In this set there is a common Chefs knife or kitchen knife of the period, a Carving knife, a thinner profiled fillet knife and a serving fork. We are working on a cleaver that will be sold separately from this set that is also a 18th century pattern. Each of these kitchen knives as well as serving fork are hand forged from Carbon steel to last a lifetime and beyond and are delivered to you sharpened and ready to work. A complete care guide is supplied with each set. This set is scaled in Cherry wood that will darken with age and use. The Chefs-Kitchen knife measures 13" 1/2 overall with a 9" blade. The carving knife measures 12" overall with a 7" 3/4 blade and the Fillet knife measures 10: 1/4 long overall with a 5" 1/2 blade. The serving fork measures 11" 1/4 overall. This is an heirloom set to be passed down for generations and a welcome addition to any kitchen. We can also create this set scaled in Walnut or Curly Maple for an additional charge

18th Century Cooking Set 

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