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Tortoise Shell Damasus Knife

This fine knife is layered Damascus steel forged right here in our workshop. Made with a sharpened edge and comes complete with brown belt sheath and button snap. The knife measures just over 12" with a 8" blade. The scales are Kirinite tortoise shell pattern, a very durable product that will not warp or change in shape.

Item# TSDK




Presentation Damascus Cutting Knife

Full tang Damascus steel presentation cutting knife. This fine knife has a 5" 1/2 blade and is 11" overall. Brass accents with blade brass wire wrapping the handle. Damascus steel is forged right here in our workshop of 1095 steel and 15N20. Made with a sharpened edge that is an absolute eye catcher. Complete with black belt sheet and snap closure over the handle.

Item# PDCK




Boarding Hunting Knife

This is a full tang knife but at its size I am calling it a Boarding-Hunting knife is is the size of a broken sword knife. The blade is 12" long and it is 17" 1/2 overall. Double threaded, there is a nut behind the end cap and the cap itself has a nut holding it on. This knife is sharpened and ready for use. I am working on getting the sheath done for it in the color of black

Item # BHK




Antler Carved Skull Dagger

This is a last time offering of this style of dagger with carved skulls. I decided years back that I was going to give up carving work that is detailed like this before my eyes start to fail me. I have made dagger similar to this in the past but never one with a guard type such as this one. The blade on this very fine detailed dagger is 6" and has an overall length of 11", forged right here in our workshop. It comes complete with sheath and snap fitting to be sure not to lose it. A one of a kind beautiful piece of work.

Item # ACSD




Damascus Steel Hunter - Zombie Hunter

Thinking outside of the box I recently came up with this new pattern knife and it certainly has a bit of a wow factor to it. 286 layers of 15 N 20 over 1095 steel all hand forged right here in our workshop. this knife has a sharpened edge and is made for work. When it came to mounting scales I looked at several different materials and found this set of acrylic poly Emerald Pearl scales to compliment the Damascus pattern nicely. These scales will not shrink or change in any way. this knife is a heirloom piece that can be passed on for generations and will hold a very shape edge. this fine knife has a 7" blade and is 12" overall and comes with a right hand draw black back sheath, worn on the center of your back

Item # DAMZH




Damascus Fighter Knife

Hand forged right here in our workshop of 15 N 20 and 1095 this is one very fine Damascus blade. The knife overall is 12" 1/2 with a 8" blade and comes fitted with Kirinite Arctic Blue Scales. This is some of the most durable material on the market that will not shrink or lose shape in any way over time. Comes complete with right handed sheath in black with snap lock down on the handle



The Vikings Seax

Here we have a modern interurpritation of a Viking or Pirate Seax. The handle on this Seax is genuine Elk leg bone fitted with a steel guard shaped to match the contours of the leg bone. The unsharpened blade is 15" 1/4 long and is 23" overall. A rare and unique piece complete with scabbard

Item # TVS



Burl Maple Hunting Knife

Just in time for hunting season we have this hunting knife, primitively made to look more like an old time knife. The scales are burl maple with excellent figure and is 10" overall with a 6" blade that is sharpened and ready for use. Complete with black leather sheath.


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Damascus Dagger

Now this is one fine left or right handed dagger and the only I have made just like this. the blade is a damascus tear drop pattern, 8" 3/4 long with an overall length of 14" 1/4. The guard, grip and pommel are brass, complete with belt sheath for a 2" belt.

Item # DD

Sold 389.00


Horn Handled Dagger and Leg Bone Dagger

Here we have two different daggers listed in the same pictures but being sold separately. The first is a Horn hanlded dagger, sharp at the tip with a 6" blade and measuring just over 10" in length. Both come with a boot sheath that could be worn in a boot or under a belt. The second dagger also carrys a 6" blade but the leg bone handle is a bit longer coming out to be just over 11" in length. Both blades are hand forged and finished

Horn Handled Dagger 


Leg Bone Handle Dagger


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 Cryptic Hand Dagger

This fine dagger we made up for fun but do take heed that the blade is real and sharp at the tip. Carbon steel sharp tipped blade and guard is also forged of carbon steel. If your looking for something different that the rest then this may be just what you are looking for. The blade length is 6" and has an overall length of 11"1/2

Item # CHD


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Small Blade Patch Knives

These blades are mounted in antler handles and fitting for a patch knife or neck knife. All will have a 2" or longer blade. No sheath included 


39.00 Each

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Coyote Bone Leg Knives 

These knives come with about a 3" blade and vary from 6" to 7"overall. Hand forged blade stamped with our torch mark mounted in genuine Coyote leg bone


59.00 Each

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Under special request we are now making Railroad Spike knives,made to take a beating these knives will last forever. Twisted handle gives you an excellent grip


69.00 EACH

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We copied from an original and forged it in our shop, this rugged primitive style utensil will add the authentic finishing touch to any table settings. Approximately 9" overall length


$35.00 EACH PLUS S&H



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