This is a project that we are very much a part of. If you or if you know of someone that would like to be part of this great project please let us know. We are currently looking for vendors who would like to set up shop in this wonderful community. Thank you 


The conservation & preservation of our peoples history and land... ~ Greenways ~ Solar, Thermal and Wind Powered ~ Natural Beauty ~ An international destination sharing our help in creating America and celebrating the nearby, great Battle of King's Mountain & Cowpens. A United States Military DISABLED VETERANS project. 5.2 million in grants identified - 330 PT jobs - 42 FT jobs, 850 bus tours yearly, Two million visitors, per year, from around the world with wallets and pocketbooks interested in spending their money locally at our restaurants, gas stations, hotels and shops... a 60 million dollar project, on 600 acres, leading into the year of 2065. "We helped change the world via war by order of our own citizens who paid us. Now upon our return home from the jungles and deserts - young veteran unemployment is up to 20% and homeless vets exceed regular homeless numbers. Our counties experience higher than average unemployment - for decades on end. Now we will employ ourselves, help others, breath only LIFE into worlds and economically help our counties to grow. Our work is yet finished on earth - the power to create and build will begin, with veterans helping veterans." Martin CJ Mongiello, CSCS (SW/SS), USN, Ret. Kiwanis Club of Kings Mountain speech, March, 2010 Fine Accommodations ~ Blue Moon Paint Farm Equestrian Center ~ John Adams Tavern & Restaurant War Camps & Live Battles ~ Nature & Earth Spa/Salon/Nails ~ Vickie Valentine Jones Beauty Center Chapel by the Woods ~ Fight in the war as a Private or...up to a General - via our costume department Log homes or accommodations by Bob Timberlake and Hearthstone Homes Colonel Shelby Demonstration Area ~ Catawba & Cherokee Center Maple Syrup and Old Timey Saw Mill Demonstration Area with Bridges Family Cabin RV Park, Camping and Campground ~ Live shows and appearances Neal Family Colonial Winery, Vineyards, Community Organic 1776 Farm and Tasting Room (Families are welcomed to open businesses, own the land, business and building inside the theme park) Witness 2000 pound oxen plowing our 1776 Colonial Farm for organic food to the table ~ NC/SC Agri-tourism Center As seen on the front page of the Kings Mountain Herald and featured in the news on CNN Headline News cable affiliate channel 33. See additional Media Advisory, Press Release and follow-up news articles. Watch the teaser of the TV show episode on God, Guns & American Freedom here. Now showing in 2010 - on WMYT Charlotte television.    

Please contact Managing Director/CFO ~ Martin CJ Mongiello, MBA at 1-704-937-2940 Cleveland County Chamber Delegate to the US Congressional Study for The American Heritage Area of the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution, Chamber of Commerce.

Option 1, A profitable vacation home?: A purchase of a smaller log home allows for usage several weeks, per year, while our Property Management company rents it out the rest of the year for you. Your purchase can be conducted as a business venture and therefore you can have a guaranteed SBA or USDA business loan. If you get a business loan, you will have tremendous tax advantages and capability to have our property management company rent your house all year long and make income. You also will qualify for a SEP IRA, vice only a ROTH IRA. With a SEP IRA, you can save 49k per annum instead of being limited to only 5k per annum via a ROTH IRA. Investigate these items with your CPA and Financial Planner, you'll be surprised.

Option 2: Create your business shop downstairs (weaver, printer, baker, candle maker, printer, woodworker, jam/preserves/pickling, leathersmith, etc...) and live upstairs! Have one mortgage, and one set of utilities, instead of two (business and home). Your dream of owning and operating your own storefront, with strong traffic, is realized!

Option 3: Build and own your own log home in our residential section - where no visitors are allowed. Enjoy club membership and privileges similar to a country club relationship of swimming, dining, lounges and activities at King's Settlement on King's Creek. Build with confidence in the best log home builder on earth, There's a reason why we chose the best.

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