Easy Matchcord

Although there are numerous ways to produce functional, effective, and authentic matchcord, below is one method of making easy matchcord from items already in your muzzleloading kit. Easy Matchcord:

Step 1: Acquire a length of 100% Cotton braided cord. Cut a length of about 6 feet.

Step 2: Place two tablespoons of 2F or 3F Blackpowder in a small ziplock sandwich or freezer bag.

Step 3: Fill the bag 1/2 full of water. (Tap water is ok.) Seal the bag and shake up the contents until the powder dissolves in the water. The water should be dark black.

Step 4: Place the length of cotton cord in the ziplock bag with the blackened water and allow it to sit for several hours. If the water does not completely cover the cord, you may turn the bag periodically so that all of the cord becomes saturated.

Step 5: Remove the cord from the bag and lay it on a flat surface to dry. Do NOT hang the cord as the water will drain toward the ends.

Step 6: Place additional cord into the bag if producing more than one piece. Several matchcords can be made from one bag of solution.

Step 7: Once the cord is thoroughly dry, ignite one end to test it and observe the rate of burn. The cord should smolder with a bright orange tip which is very hard to extinguish. Use care in handling and using your matchcord and alway be sure it is fully extinguished before storing.

Happy Shooting.

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