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We are proud to have all of these links here on our website and they really are a must see for everyone. Everyone listed here are people of like minds keeping our history alive so it can be passed down to our children and children's children. Take the time to explore all of these pages and you will be happy you did. Thank you!


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I have the honor of writing for this fine publication. You need to save this to your favorites and be sure to go in and read Mutiny Magazine often. Its a free online magazine and they have great advertising rates!

Great writing from a great friend and Lass, if you have not read anything from Endless Horizons then you are missing out!

All trusted vendors approved by Kings Forge and Muzzleloading

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For your black powder gun building and muzzleloading supplies

More retail sources for your traditional needs

Be sure to check out our page on Deviant art 

A place for all Pirates to meet, share our experiences and sell our wares. Pyracy Pub has the best in class for everything Pirate. Join us

A must see for all throwers. Here you will find information on tomahawks and reputable makers including ourselves

Here is a place where anyone that loves our history can find the things we all need in celebrating our history so it is here for our future generations. Add this link to your favorites and keep our history alive

Top Pots is the source for restored surplus M1 M2 M1C US Army Paratrooper Airborne Infantry USMC helmets and liners. For historical re-enacting, militaria

The Patriot Institute is an non-partisan organization with the purpose of restoring our Constitutional republic through political education and activism.

For the very best in hand made soaps, made traditionally by a wonderful artistian and trusted business

For the finest in leather work be sure to check out our friends at Sail and Sword.

Fantacy for Hire

This is where you will find all sorts of creatures and people, both real and imaginary, for all of your events, parties, conventions, or any other sort of promotional needs!

Artist with Nature specializing in gourds and wood. This is a website you all want to check out as John is one heck of a talented artist. Also be sure to check out his jewelry website at

Visit our Gun Broker store at 


or at Ebay 

Here is a group of Pirates that do much in keeping our history alive and spreading good cheer in their community. Be sure to take the time to go in and check out their website and all they do!

For all of you musket needs Veteran Arms is our only trusted dealer. If your looking for a period correct Musket or smoothbore pistol this is the best place to shop for a quality weapon

If you’re looking for custom high quality knives, horns and personal service, you’ve come to the right place. At Flying Dutchman, I’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy. I offer the best in custom knives (modern and primitive) and 18th century horn products. From time to time hand woven leg ties, powder horn straps and shashes are offered. If you have needs for leather work such as 18th century sporrans or custom knife sheaths, let me know. My rates are competitive, with no hidden fees. I do my best to interpet your needs and desires and will be there to help you every step of the way.

Who else would you be going to ifin ye be a Pirate and ye want yer image captured. Be sure to check out Anoki Pirate 

The Household focuses on the growth of study in all aspects of 16th Century 
and earlier. The FTMS also is one the founding Household of the Kingdom of Coventry: Castillian Fin De La Banda.

Heres a great store run by a very good friend of ours, be sure to look though his wares

The Pirate Trading Company

‚ÄčThese are some of the finest mates I know personally and we fully endorse their work! Jeff MacKay is a MASTER hat maker for our mates and we own two of the finest hats made by his talented hands. Check out their wares and you certainly will not be disappointed!

The Inn of the Patriots

Voted Best B & B in the world for HISTORY in 2009/2010!

We agree that it was the best breakfast and lodging we have ever had! Owners Marti and Stormy and their son JT will make you feel right at home!

Walk among our nature trails....Take command of entire armies and make war. King size beds and jacuzzi rooms, gourmet breakfasts & candlelight dinners. Purchase a Log Cabin for year round living or as a vacation / rental income, on site 704 937 2940 The American Revolutionary War Living History Center ( ARWLHC )

Enjoy the Charlotte countryside in the town named after the President - Grover, NC, Exit 2 on I-85 - 704-937-2940 A disabled veterans project and success story.

The Weaving Welshman

The Home Of The Most Sought After Straps For The Traditional Black Powder Muzzleloader Shooters, Trekkers and Reenactors!  Lynn makes the very best straps for your Belts, Flashers, Ball Bags, Canteens, Hat Bands, Haversack, Suspenders,  Powder Horns, Shooting Bags,  Hunting Pouches, Specialty Straps to Order. I have this design myself bought from Lynn, check out his work and you can't go wrong with anything from his shop. Check out his page on Facebook also! 

National Civil War Naval Museum

All things Pirate



Please do check out the outstanding work of our good friends at the  Letters of Marque. Your one stop shop for all things Pirate. These people make the best Baldrics for your sword at can't be beat prices even after your shipping. They also have a wonderful array of historical Maps and Charts for all the ports ye may like to pillage. Check back with them often for new products!

also check out

NOLA Wenches Pirate Crew Check out there page and follow their events 

For everything we love about the tradition of muzzleloading!

The 4J Ranch is a hog hunting ranch established in 2000.  We are located halfway between Houston and Dallas in Centerville, Texas. The 4J Ranch offers a hunt from a fully enclosed two man blind as well as a guided stalk hunt within the dense underbrush that is up close and personal. 

Bruce & Darlene Richmond, Proprietors of Stitches in Tyme. 18th Century general mercantile. Stop in and see Bruce and Darlene's website as they have a lot of things for all reenactors

Invite Benjamin Franklin – or a Pirate – or a Colonial Blacksmith to your next class or meeting! 
These historical persons can educate, motivate, challenge and inspire your audience as re-enactor Lloyd Wheeler entertains and informs them. Dressed in authentic costume, Wheeler lets the past speak to the present as you see and hear these unusual performances

Welcome to Stoneponies. Have you ever tried to save the roses from a special bouquet only to have it dry up and turn to dust over the years? We offer to take the rose petals and turn them into jewelry that would last forever. What a great way to preserve the memory of a romantic or special date, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or even just a favorite rose from your own garden.  

Rhode Island Pirate Players

If you have a special interest in pirates and historic life at sea that makes others’ eyes glaze over then you’ll love us! It is our mission as a living history organization to depict as best as possible the lives of pirates in Rhode Island and New England in the late 17th (seventeenth) early 18th (eighteenth) centuries. To this end the RIPP will use and teach proper language, arms, and skills. Naturally, our aim is largely concentrated on the daily lives of New England pirates, but we do not ignore the impact that they had on a worldwide scale. With grog and swords as the attention grabber, our efforts are very much aimed at portraying a balanced image of life three hundred years ago through the adoption of the clothing and mannerisms of the pirates, their associates, enemies, and victims. The Rhode Island Pirate Players are available for Educational Presentations and Living History Events. Specialties include Raids, Ransoms & Robberies, Disruption of Commerce, and General Mayhem. We come equipped with various firearms and weapons and the skills, knowledge, and inclination to use them

The Kings of the Coast

Kings of the Coast is a boisterous crew of scoundrels reveling in the history, fact, and fiction of the Golden Age of Piracy -sailing to your shores from the infamous pirate communities of Tortuga, Port Royal, and Madagascar in search of plunder and fortune. You'll join the crew by signing the ''Articles of Agreement'' and prepare to sing and shout, witness dazzling swashbuckling, and keep yer head down and yer wits about ye until the thunder and smoke of the battle subside! But like any crew worth the steel in their blades and the powder in their guns, the adventure is just getting started, as ye newly signed recruits set out with Captain Bart Fellows and his mates to follow the clues, dig up the treasure, and share in the spoils. 

A great collection of listed events and articles, A group of wonderful people of like minds keeping our history alive, check out the website


Woodland View is pro family boarding facility, nature preserve and working Centennial Farm.  There are three stables with a total of 27 stalls.    We have a 22 acre horse pasture,  half mile track,  and 340 acres of prairie,  savanna,  timber and wetland to enjoy on trail rides.  


Woodland View is working to recreate to self sufficient american farm.  We have several varieties of historic farm animals including Mini Jersey cows, chickens Bernese Mountain Dogs and soon the American Mule Foot Hog.  We use the milk and eggs from our historic animals.  Next year we hope to farm with horses.  The farm uses natural means to control flies with great success.  

 Historic Angling Enterprises

Fly & Coarse Tackle from the 1400's to the Mid-1800's  

We supply historically correct hooks, "antique" flies tied by us to reproduce historic patterns from earlier eras, horsehair and natural fiber fishing lines, and other original and reproduction fishing tackle from .... the 200's to the Mid-1800's.... for reenactors, historians, or anglers who just want to sample a bit of angling history.

As a bit of background, one of the ways I practice antique angling is as a “reenactor.” To the modern fisherman that will make little sense, perhaps, but like many thousands of men, women, and children in the United States and indeed, around the world, I find great pleasure in attempting to replicate, in every aspect that is reasonably possible, life in earlier eras. I personally regularly engage in reenactment activities related the time of the French and Indian War, the Long Hunter era, the American Revolution, and the American Fur Trade. To that end I go forth, alone and also with other kindred spirits, to the mountains, forests and other wild places, fully clothed and equipped for an earlier era, down to the last detail, including the food I intend to consume. It is or should be a challenging learning experience and a great deal of fun.  

Jack has a wonderful variety of products that are very difficult in the least to find on todays market so I encourage everyone that loves our history to check out his sight and products.

Jim Kruse can either duplicate an existing historical firearm, or help you design a muzzleloader that perfectly suits the time, place and historical character you portray in your living history activities. Not only is Jim a true artist of our time but I consider him to be a good friend.

Antique American Firearms

At this link below you will find a beautiful collection of antique American firearms of Dirk L. for viewing as well as finding a few antiques for sale, be sure to check his wanted section also. This is a sight that you should really see. We are very pleased to have Dirk's pieces listed in our links.    




 315 427 1692


   We are your #1 choice in outdoor fishing adventures.

  Let us help you catch the trophy fish of a lifetime and experience the Salmon River, Lake Ontario and tribs the right way whatever your choice to fish we will make sure it is a trip to remember.  No one goes away disappointed.  Call Northwoods Experiences and let us take care of all the details.   SALMON / STEELHEAD / BROWN TROUT / LAKE TROUT / WALLEYE / BASS / PERCH / CRAPPIE / PIKE / VARIOUS PAN FISH

  Mark Sabia


Sks Stocks: We sell all of your product needs for
Ammunition, Gun Gear, Shooting Supplies, and Discounted Weapons


These guys are really into muzzleloading and are very active in there club. I personally know 2 of the members and they are the best. They have a very nice website so you should be sure to check them out.

I personally had the honor of setting up shop at 2 events at Powamppokonk in the past and I'll tell up front that these guys are top notch! Thanks guys! Check out there page often for upcoming events.


A wonderful review of our products

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As seen on tv home & garden lawn & garden tools toys & games art work medieval swords automotive poker chip sets military ncaa nhl billiards & bar luggage knives & cutlery sporting goods collectibles art work electronics save money today!

Neetlights L L C
Internet sales of tactical flashlights, weapons lights, lasers and security products.

Survival Equipment Unlimited
We sell the survival equipment you need as well as gourmet survival food to help you survive in any situation. We carry basic camping necessities as well as hunting and survival gear at discount prices. Ground Hunting Blinds And Accessories
Huntingblindoutlet. Com- ground hunting blinds, trigger sticks, hunting chairs, and ice fishing shelters

Castle Creek Outfitters (minnesota's Premier Guide Service)
Cco offers online sales of hunting supplies and professional guide services.

4j Ranch
The 4j ranch is a unique east texas hunting ranch because it offers a traditional stalking hunt: hunters can walk through the woods in the animal's natural habitat. To find their game. Hunters can hunt using a bow, handgun or rifle.    

Stillwater Outfitters | Yellowstone Horseback Riding & Fly Fishing Guies
Guided horseback riding tours & fly fishing in yellowstone national park and the beartooth wilderness of montana near cooke city, red lodge, yellowstone montana.    

Bowhunters Unlimited Pro Shop
Authorized dealer of pse and bowtech and accessories. Includes left-handed, tenpoint, pse & stryker crossbows, offers bow tuning, custom-made arrows, hunting and competition accessories, digital scouting cameras, blinds, tree stands, more.    

Americas Best Camping And Outdoor Store
Camping gear, coolers, back-packs, sleeping bags, dutch ovens, tents, knives, multi-tools, camp stoves & grills, heaters, insect repellants, first aid kits, binoculars, telescopes, and much more.    

Us Army Ranger Rick Presents Survival Outdoor Skills
Us army ranger rick and his survival outdoor skills tips, kits, training and products. Buy the best in outdoor survival gear!    

Year Around Camping
Great camping equipment, wall tents, dome tents, cast iron cookware, backpacks, sleeping bags, knives, camp cots and chairs.    

Oregon Coast Charter Fishing
Charter fishing in oregon for salmon, sturgeon, bottom fish, crabbing and shark fishing!    

Sos Survival Kits - Quality Survival Kits

Purchase sos survival kits. We carry wilderness survival gear - designed & assembled by a retired army ranger.    

The Camp And Fish Store
Provide most every kind of knife, along with camping, fishing and hunting equipment.    

Grizzly Expeditions
Alaska hunting trips. Brown/grizzly and black bear hunts. 48 boone and crockett bears and 30 years experience.  

Wilderness Survival Guide: Wilderness Survival Information.

Wilderness survival guide: wilderness survival information. Learn about wilderness survival & update your outdoor knowledge. 

The Keener Edge - Fine Swords, Knives And Collectibles

Name brand bowie, hunting and folding knives. Medieval, period, and fantasy swords, shields, helmets and armor. Functional katanas (dynasty forge dealer). Presentation knife sets. Nice variety of sword display racks & plaques. Most ship free.

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Umpirebook was not developed to just give our opinions on umpires! It was developed solely to disclose potentially biased relationships between umpires, insurance carriers and insurance carrier appraisers.

Camping Supplies

The alpineer is your source in crested butte for mountain bike rentals, repairs, and sales. We also carry a wide range of camping and backpacking gear as well as a great selection of casual clothing.    

Histomil Historica And Militaria Forum

Histomil is a global militaria and historica collectors forum     

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Search for local businesses and services from across the us and uk. Find the right business for your needs using reviews, photos, opening hours and more.   

Search for local businesses and services from across the us and uk. Find the right business for your needs using reviews, photos, opening hours and more.‚Äč

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