These are our fine friends at The Weaving Welshman and be sure to follow the link to this page for all of your hand weaved work you need. I can and do personally vouch for the very fine work Lynn Blevens does in making these straps and all of his fine wares


Here is just some of the work you will see at The Weaving Welshman. 

The Most Sought After Straps  For The Traditional Black Powder Muzzleloader Shooters, Trekkers

and Reenactors

Click here to order their sashes

Click here to see and order their cotton straps

Click here to see and order their Powder Horn Straps with Beeswax

These are the best hand weaved work you can get, I Will King guarantee that or I would not be endosing them so get in and see what The Weaving Welshman has to offer you and remember that they do also do custom work.


(706) 969-3027
156 Rattlesnake Hill, Cleveland GA 30528

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